About Scottish Wild Picnics

Here’s a little more about who we are and how I made my vision a reality


Hi, I’m Jean Donaldson, owner of Scottish Wild Picnics. I create wild and splendid picnics in Argyll and on Scotland’s west coast. It was my passion for picnics that was the catalyst for me to start my own company to share that love with others. Marrying a love of all things vintage, delicious food, innovate desserts and the wild, passionate landscapes of Scotland, Scottish Wild Picnics aims to give you an experience of a lifetime! Anyway, here’s a little more about me and my background.

A bracing upbringing on the west coast of Scotland instilled an early determination that nothing would stand in the way of a great picnic – rain, sleet, heavy winds, your mum shouting over the gales about what a lovely time you were all having! We could picnic anywhere and at any time. I got older and wiser, and I realised that I still loved a good picnic, but the elements of how I picnicked began to change. Going beyond tomato soup in a flask and cheese sandwiches, I started to explore the sandwich in exotic forms, and how I could transport fiddly puddings to the middle of nowhere. Then I wondered how I could ‘weatherproof’ a picnic. From these curiosities, Scottish Wild Picnics was born.

I love picnics and I want to share that love with you. With Scottish Wild Picnics I want to give you incredible picnic experiences that will live in your memories forever. I want to make them not only stylish, but wild, delicious, luxurious and fun. And who says a picnic needs to be outdoors – not me! My team and I can transform your office or your living room into the perfect picnic space - that is if you don’t fancy the more ruggedly romantic concept of sheltering in a quaint bothy or boathouse, snuggled together in cosy blankets, sipping fine teas or coffees, eating the best of picnic fare whilst Scotland shows you her tremendous weather and beauty, nourishing your soul and your taste buds at the same time!

Scottish Wild Picnics can do all this for a romantic couples adventure, or small family and friends groups. I can even bring beautiful style and food to your wedding or corporate event. Check out the Inside the Hamper page to see what Scottish Wild Picnics can do for you!